Tips from a Pro Removalist to Prepare Your Glass Furniture for Move!

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Tips from a Pro Removalist to Prepare Your Glass Furniture for Move!

There’s no doubt that glass furniture is the perfect thing to add some air of elegance to your home or any space. Furniture like glass tables or shelving units can also make a smaller room look bigger and is a great way to bring sophistication to any house.

However, glass furniture is also fragile. So, if you are planning a move, you should prepare those expensive items properly. So, this blog post has covered some tips from a professional removalist in Gordon to prepare your glass furniture. Read on to learn more!

1. Find the Right Packing Materials

It is the first step to preparing your expensive glass furniture for the upcoming move. Unlike clothes and books, packing glass items and furniture requires more than some tape and cardboard boxes. Below are the materials that you will need:

  • Permanent markers
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Labels
  • Packing paper
  • Quality moving crates

You can ask your moving company to provide specialised boxes and industry-standard materials to ensure the safety of your items.

packed boxes for moving into a new home

2. Disassemble Items

You will need to disassemble your glass furniture, depending on its type, before packing them. Disassembling your items is the best option to pack everything easily, especially if you have bigger items like tables.

Pack these items separately by removing the glass component or unscrewing the fixtures from the mount.

3. Label It Clearly

When packing your glass items, always ensure that you label them clearly. So, you and the removalist understand that those belongings are fragile. Therefore, when you hire a removalist in Gordon, they will handle those boxes with care. You can label items “glass” and “fragile” by writing on the box with a permanent marker.

4. Avoid Stacking or Grouping

Packing is often a time-consuming process. So, while storing furniture or items, avoid stacking any glass items. Packing each glass individually with proper care is essential, as stacking or grouping items can get damaged due to scratching.

Also, another thing to remember while packing your items is not to place any heavy items on your glass furniture and avoid putting anything on top of the fragile boxes.

Wrapping Up!

Moving with glass furniture can be a nightmare for some homeowners. But keeping in mind the steps discussed-above will help you protect your fragile and expensive items. You can also hire our removalist in Gordon to make this packing process stress-free. For more latest updates, stay connected.