Vital Pre-Move Decluttering Tips from Crows Nest’s Trusted Removalist

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Vital Pre-Move Decluttering Tips from Crows Nest’s Trusted Removalist

Relocating can be both exciting and overwhelming, and one of the best ways to ensure a smooth transition is by decluttering before your move. As your trusted removalist in Crows Nest, we’ve gathered essential tips to help you streamline your move and make the process more efficient. Here are four things to consider getting rid of before your next move. So, keep scrolling down and learn what you should leave before shifting from one place to another!

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1. Unused and Outdated Items

Before packing a single box, take a closer look at your belongings. Often, we accumulate items that remain unused or have become outdated over time. These items take up valuable space and add unnecessary weight to your move. Consider these points:


  • Clothing: Go through your wardrobe and set aside clothes that no longer fit, are out of style, or haven’t been worn in ages.

  • Electronics: Evaluate old electronics such as outdated gadgets, chargers, or appliances you rarely use.

  • Furniture: Assess the furniture that no longer serves a purpose in your new space, and consider selling or donating them.


2. Duplicates and Excess Items

Over the years, it’s easy to accumulate duplicates or excess items that clutter your living space. Streamlining your belongings before the move ensures you only take what’s truly necessary:


  • Kitchen Items: Assess your kitchen for duplicate utensils, gadgets, or cookware, and keep what you use regularly.

  • Home Decor: Consider paring down-home decor items, keeping only those holding significant meaning or aesthetic value.

  • Linens and Towels: Evaluate your linens and towels, and keep the ones in good condition while donating or discarding the rest.


3. Broken or Irreparable Items

Moving broken or irreparable items wastes space and makes your move more challenging. It’s wise to evaluate those that have seen better days:


  • Electronics: If electronics get broken beyond repair, consider recycling them responsibly rather than moving them.

  • Furniture: Decide whether it’s worth repairing damaged furniture pieces or if it’s better to let them go before your move.


4. Items with Sentimental Value

Sentimental items hold cherished memories, but it’s crucial to evaluate their significance and space requirements in your new home:


  • Photographs and Keepsakes: Consider digitising photographs and storing sentimental keepsakes in a special box to save space.

  • Collectibles: If you have collectibles that hold emotional value, choose a few representative pieces to keep and let go of the rest.


Wrapping Up!

Well! As a trusted removal company in Crows Nest, we strive to help our clients throughout the process. And so we often give them tips and tricks to make it hassle-free. But if you need any further details or our services, contact us directly!