Easy Tips to Prevent Breakages During North Shore House Removals

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Easy Tips to Prevent Breakages During North Shore House Removals

Moving into a new home should be a thrilling adventure—a journey filled with anticipation and excitement. However, the thrill can quickly turn into dismay if you arrive at your new destination only to discover that some of your cherished belongings have not survived the move.


Today, we’re here to discover the top four items that often fall victim to breakages during house removals in North Shore and share some tips to prevent this disaster.

removalists moving furniture out of removals truck

Top 4 Belongings Most Likely to Break During Your House Removals…. And How to Safeguard Them


1. Glassware and Dinnerware: Handle with Tender Care

At the forefront of fragile items are glassware and dinnerware. To protect these treasures:


  • Generous Padding: Don’t skimp on the bubble wrap; envelop each piece generously before nestling it within the box. These specialised boxes often come with cardboard dividers for an extra layer of protection—utilise them.


  • Labelling is key: Ensure boxes housing your glasses and dishware are prominently labelled with warnings like “FRAGILE,” “HANDLE WITH CARE,” or “CONTAINS GLASS” to catch the attention of your movers.


2. Electronics: Safeguard Your Technological Investments

Electronics can be particularly susceptible to damage if not packed correctly. Here’s how to ensure their safety:


  • Resurrect Original Packaging: If you’ve retained the original boxes and styrofoam padding your electronics arrived in, now is the time to put them to good use.


  • Customised Boxes: For those who no longer have the original packaging, fear not. Local moving supply stores offer various specialised boxes designed to accommodate electronics safely.


3. Mirrors and Artwork: Safeguarding Fragile Artefacts

Mirrors and artwork, often substantial in size and delicacy, frequently rank as the third most susceptible category during a move. Preserve their beauty with these strategies:


  • Tape the Mirror: Before packing, create a protective grid on the mirror’s surface using painter’s tape. In case of shattering, this precaution will prevent shards from scattering within the box.


  • Corner Protectors: Invest in cardboard corner protectors at your trusted moving supply store.


4. Lampshades: Lighten the Load

Lampshades are often overlooked in the packing process and can be susceptible to damage. Ensure their safe arrival with these precautions:


  • Wrap in a Protective Layer: Safeguard lampshades with white packing paper or place them inside a clean pillowcase.


  • Careful Stacking: If you must stack lampshades, ensure they are of equal size and provide ample padding between and around each shade to prevent contact.




Heeding these guidelines will help you during house removal. Besides, we’re here to ensure your move is smooth. So, let’s begin this journey together, where every piece of your cherished belongings safely finds its way to your new abode. Happy moving!