Expert Mover’s Tips on How to Safely Move with Plants!

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Expert Mover’s Tips on How to Safely Move with Plants!

Discover the art of moving with plants in North Sydney—a rewarding process that saves time and cherished greenery. Plants hold a special place in our lives, some accompanying us for years. Cultivate your green thumb, patience, and organizational skills to ensure a smooth move. Journey length matters, as it influences the process significantly.


Well! As professional movers in North Sydney, we would love to guide you on the right approach to moving with plants. So, stick to it and keep scrolling down!


Step 1. Choose Shatter-proof Plastic Pots to Repot the Plants


To ensure the safety of your potted plants during the move, transfer them into sturdy plastic pots. Combined with soil and plants, ceramic or clay pots become heavy and breakable. Repotting into shatter-proof plastic pots reduces the risk and facilitates packing and moving.

Step 2. Prune and Remove Dead Leaves to Downsize Larger Plants


Make larger plants more manageable and prevent branch breakages by pruning as necessary. Trimming away dead leaves and branches reduces the size and promotes healthier growth in their new environment. However, consider maintaining caution to ensure you only prune plants that require it.

Step 3. Inspect Plants for Insects and Parasites Before Moving


Before relocating your plants, perform a thorough inspection to identify and address any potential insect or parasite issues. Preventing the introduction of unwanted pests ensures the health and integrity of your new garden.

Step 4. Maintain a Regular Watering Schedule Before Moving


Approximately three days before the move, adhere to your usual watering routine, considering the specific needs of each plant. Hydration is crucial for plants during relocation, akin to humans. However, avoid overwatering, as it can be detrimental to their well-being.

Step 5. Safeguard Larger Plants with Wrapping to Prevent Damage


To safeguard larger plants from limb breakage, provide additional protection. A suitable option is to use a properly sized bed sheet or a similar material to wrap around the plants. This wrapping will offer adequate safety during the moving process.

Step 6. Secure Plants in Sturdy Moving Boxes


With your plants repotted, watered, free of insects, and adequately protected, they are ready to get placed inside moving boxes. While there are no specific requirements for the box itself, ensure it is strong enough to bear the weight of your plants. Choose a sturdy box to provide a secure transportation environment for your green friends.

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Final Words!


Well! You can contact us when you want more guidance or support to make your move as quick and hassle-free as possible. Our professional movers will ensure you can move your place with a smile on your face instead of wrinkles on your forehead. So, whenever you need our professional moving services in North Sydney, give us a call or comment below for queries.