Packing Artwork: Handle It Alone or Leave It for Mosman Removalists?

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Packing Artwork: Handle It Alone or Leave It for Mosman Removalists?

Moving in Mosman is like beginning a new chapter filled with lots of excitement and anticipation. But the responsibility of packing your precious artwork may fade the thrill. When it comes to your cherished artwork, do you take charge or let the skilled hands of Mosman removalists work their magic?


While it’s technically possible to pack your artwork yourself, it’s advisable to reconsider. Artwork, often valuable with pricey frames, deserves the expertise of professional removalists. Opting for trained professionals ensures someone else takes responsibility for the safe packing and transportation.


However, if you have decided to pack your artwork alone, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you achieve a professional touch.


1. Tape Down Hooks & Wires: A Secure Start

Before starting DIY art packing, tape down any hooks or wires on the back of your frames. This precautionary step prevents snags and ensures a smooth transit for your precious artwork.


2. Art with Glass – Apply Tape: Shielding Your Masterpieces

For artwork shielded by glass, create a protective barrier by applying painter’s tape in a diagonal “X” across the glass. This simple technique prevents shattering and safeguards your artwork from unexpected bumps during the move.


3. Art Without Glass – Use Glassine Paper: Gentle Protection

If your artwork lacks glass protection, embrace glassine paper. Resistant to grease, water, and air, this specialised paper provides a gentle shield for delicate pieces during transport. You can find glassine paper at local art supply stores or online.


4. Consider Corner Protectors: Triangular Guardians

Elevate your art protection game with corner protectors – triangular guardians made of cardboard or foam. These simple additions slide onto frame corners, adding an extra layer of defence during transit. Purchase them or opt for a DIY approach with online instructions.


5. Break Out the Pallet Wrap: Secure and Sturdy

Pallet wrap isn’t just for pallets. It’s an excellent choice for safeguarding delicate and upholstered items during your move. After covering your artwork with tape or glassine paper, envelop it entirely in pallet wrap for additional protection.


6. Add a Layer of Bubble Wrap: Bubble-Safe Transit

Elevate your art’s safety with bubble wrap. Choose larger bubbles for optimal protection. Lay the bubble wrap on the ground, place the pallet-wrapped art face down, and secure the sides to the back of the frame. This additional layer ensures a secure journey for your cherished pieces.


Wrapping Up!

Though these tips seem exciting and easy, the entire process can make you too exhausted to enjoy this experience. So, if you want to skip this step and entrust it to the professional removalists in Mosman, look no further and contact us ASAP!